Session (Board of Elders)

Clerk of Session: Jane Fink

Session is the ruling board for Jersey Shore Presbyterian Church, consisting of 9 elders plus the pastor.  Session meets the second Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 pm except for July and August.  The first 10 minutes of each Session meeting is reserved for congregational feedback from anyone who wishes to come ask a question or make a suggestion.  Each elder on Session also oversees or participates in one or more Session Committees, which include the following (see other ministries for more details & contact info):

Worship & Long-range Planning - plan special worship services for the year and oversee all things related to worship

Christian Education - plan and oversee all aspects of Christian Education, Sunday School, Bible Studies, and Youth & Children's ministries

Evangelism & Missions - plan and oversee all aspects of evangelism, church growth, bridge events, publicity, visitor welcome & follow-up, new members, local & global missions, and net-working

Service - plan & oversee all maintenance/improvements to the church property; Men's Service Group does work for the church & members

Commitment & Fund-raising - oversee and support our treasurers, financial secretaries, fundraising, and all church finances

Personnel - oversee and support our paid staff

Nominating & Spiritual Gifts - research peoples' interests/gifts and nominate people to be elected by the congregation as elders & deacons

Classes of Elders

Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Jane Fink William Henry Dan Edelstein
  Christina Cooney Sandy Vought

Session Committees & Chairs 2010

Committee or Position Chairperson Committee Members
Clerk of Session Jane Fink n/a
Worship & Long-range Planning Sandy Vought Bill Henry
Christian Education Jane Fink Jane Fink
Evangelism & Missions Bill Henry Sandy Vought
Service Dan Edelstein  Bill Henry
Commitment & Fundraising Sandy Vought Christina Cooney
Personnel Sandy Vought Jane Fink
Nominating & Spiritual Gifts Sandy Vought