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comment posted by jamesolive on 01-23-2018
I have been searching some blogs on cloud systems and i have gone through blogs on they are to easy to understand and the most of all. They have all subject related blogs. Just have a look.
comment posted by Boaz Nixon on 12-03-2016
I love this site and so happy the presbyterian is growing. I'm a presbyterian from Vanuatu in the Pacific
comment posted by William Knudsen on 03-24-2013
Love your web site... great job!
comment posted by Pastor Lloyd on 10-09-2011
Greetings from Pioneer Presbyterian Church in Beaumont, Texas. I had no idea such an awesome Presbyterian Church was in Jersey Shore. Rev. Lloyd Crosby B.E.N. Class of 1972 Bucknell Class of 1976
comment posted by Melissa Schall on 09-08-2010
Charlie, the site is fantastic!!!
comment posted by Dorothy Crist on 08-18-2010
Sucess, I could not get the website before but today I hit paydirt. This is great. Kudos to all who did this great site.
comment posted by Sean Simcox on 04-07-2010
Happy Birthday Charlie! Yo make 39 look great...
comment posted by Millie (Fingal) LaFave on 04-03-2010
Love the site! It brought back many childhood memories. Now live in Arizona
comment posted by Carol Impola on 03-17-2010
Great website! Miss you guys. I think it's time for another visit to Jersey Shore!
comment posted by Michelle Koons Luther on 03-15-2010
The website is wonderful! Makes me miss the good old days at jspc! Great to see some familiar faces. :)
comment posted by Carol Rhudy on 03-13-2010
Your site is great! Saw your link on FB.
comment posted by Robert Austell on 03-13-2010
Charlie - saw your link to the new site on Facebook - it looks great!
comment posted by Ellen Fuller Scherer on 03-10-2010
nice job, everyone! looks great!
comment posted by Kelly Dorwart on 03-09-2010
I Really like this site and it is very informational.