January 2018  
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Session (Board of Elders)
Clerk of Session: Jane Fink

Session is the ruling board for Jersey Shore Presbyterian Church, consisting of 9 elders plus the pastor.  Session meets after worship usually on the first Sunday of the month, except for July and August.  The first 10 minutes of each Session meeting (at 12:30pm) is reserved for congregational feedback from anyone who wishes to come ask a question or make  suggestion.  Each elder on Session also oversees or participates in one or more Session Committees, which include the following (see other ministries for more details & contact info):

Worship & Long-range Planning - plan special worship services for the year and oversee all things related to worship

Christian Education - plan and oversee all aspects of Christian Education, Sunday School, Bible Studies, and Youth & Children's ministries

Evangelism & Missions - plan and oversee all aspects of evangelism, church growth, bridge events, publicity, visitor welcome & follow-up, new members, local & global missions, and net-working

Service - plan & oversee all maintenance/improvements to the church property; Men's Service Group does work for the church & members

Commitment & Fund-raising - oversee and support our treasurers, financial secretaries, fundraising, and all church finances

Personnel - oversee and support our paid staff

Nominating & Spiritual Gifts - research peoples' interests/gifts and nominate people to be elected by the congregation as elders & deacons

Classes of Elders
Class of 2010 Class of 2011 Class of 2012
Dave Bernard Dr. Fred Bierly Jane Fink
Dan Edelstein Deborah Rucker Sean Simcox
Bill Henry Sandy Vought  


Session Committees & Chairs 2010

Committee or Position Chairperson Committee Members
Clerk of Session Jane Fink n/a
Worship & Long-range Planning Sandy Vought Jane Fink, Deb Rucker, Bill Henry
Christian Education Dave Bernard Jane Fink
Evangelism & Missions Bill Henry Sandy Vought, Jacque Herman
Service Dan Edelstein Dave Bernard
Commitment & Fundraising Sean Simcox

Jacque Herman, Dave Bernard, Jane Fink, Christian Ickes, Mary Reighard

Personnel Sandy Vought Jane Fink, Deb Rucker, Bill Henry
Nominating & Spiritual Gifts Sandy Vought Sean Simcox